Can't Beat Kennedy: Jessica from BillericaCan YOU Beat Kennedy?
Can't Beat Kennedy : 02-12-18Can YOU Beat Kennedy?
Can't Beat Kennedy: Friday 12/8/2017Can YOU beat Kennedy?!
Video Dirty On The 30: Kanye Takes Kim To Paris, Lindsay Is A No-Show, & Tiger Cheats Again!Kanye's closing down the Eiffel Tower for Kim... Lindsay is in London while supposed to be in NYC for community service... And Tiger can't keep it in his pants...
Can't Beat Kennedy: Emily From DanversCan Emily beat Kennedy?
Can't Beat Kennedy: Michelle From Acton
Can't Beat Kennedy: Mandy From TauntonCan you beat Kennedy? Mandy from Taunton calls in to give it a shot.
Would You Date Tiger Woods? Or 'Once A Cheater Always A Cheater'?Karson, Salt and Kennedy discuss whether or not after all of Tiger Woods' very public transgressions with a multitude of women if he is still a person worth dating, and how his new girlfriend Lindsey Vonn will feel bringing him to family gatherings. Our listeners also weigh in on the topic.

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