War Of The Roses Marathon: On The ProwlAngela is concerned that her new man Adam is wooing another.
War of the Roses: Slip of the Lip Might Sink This ShipLeigh has been getting texts saying her man is a cheater. Will our phone call leave her with a sad face emoticon?
War Of The Roses Marathon: Ready To GoTim is concerned that his girlfriend Adrian might be a little "flirty," but she might be more like "easy."
War Of The Roses Marathon: Not The Ending We Were Hoping ForNicole is ready to bust her husband for cheating.
War Of The Roses Marathon: Caught Left-HandedSarah's boyfriend Danny went away with the guys, but she's afraid he came home with more than just memories.
War Of The Roses Marathon: She's Just a FriendJoe's current girlfriend Kara wants to know if his ex is being more than just a friend.
War Of The Roses Marathon: Breaking a Dry SpellKara had asked her new man Mike to take it slow. Now she's worried he might have taken it somewhere else.
War Of The Roses Marathon: What's Your Number?Mandi's boyfriend Collin is making her jealous by flirting with other girls. But will she turn from green to red after one call?
War of the Roses Marathon: "Won't Call Me His Girlfriend"McKaela has been dating Brendan for about 4 months, but he wont call her his girlfriend. Is this because someone else holds
War Of The Roses Marathon: Buffalo, Buffalo, BuffaloRobyn and Dave are trying to make the long distance thing work, but it looks like one of them is working harder than the other.
War Of The Roses Marathon: Kissing In The ClosetLynn and Colby have just moved forward to making their relationship official, but it seems like he's still looking to the past.
War Of The Roses Marathon: KennedyTera is trying to catch Patrick in a lie, but could it be that someone on the show is to blame?

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