Karson's Sister-In-Law Is Moving In... For GoodWhen somebody's staying "temporarily" at Karson's house, they're actually going to stay for YEARS.
Should Parents Wear Their Wedding Rings During a Divorce For The Kids?Gavin Rossdale was spotted still wearing his wedding ring yesterday in L.A., and he says he's doing it for the sake of his kids.
What Would You Do If You Found An Old Breakup Letter From Your Spouse?Melissa just found a letter that her husband wrote about 10 years ago. The crazy part - it was a break up letter.
Are Men Just Expected To Drive In The Relationship?Producer Mike always has to drive when he's in the car with his wife. We take calls from listeners about whether that's right or wrong and even get a surprise call from his wife herself!
War Of The Roses Marathon: High School "Friend"Hope and Jay are newlyweds, just over a year ago. But it looks like the seven year itch may have come a little early!
Is It Ok For A Man Not To Wear His Wedding Ring?
Karson Thinks He's Going To Die Without His Wife Around

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