Can't Beat Kennedy: Wednesday 10/4
Can't Beat Kennedy: Thursday 9/14
Can't Beat Kennedy: Thursday 9/7
Fetch? Here's A First Look At "The Plastics" Of Mean Girls: 'The Musical'Here's your first glimpse at the musical the world has been waiting for.
Can't Lick Salt: Wednesday 08/09
Can't Beat Kennedy: Alexis from SandwichCan Alexis beat Kennedy? Can YOU?
Can't Beat Kennedy: Kylie From AbbingtonCan Kylie beat Kennedy? Can YOU?
Rachel McAdams Hasn't Closed the (Burn) Book On a 'Mean Girls' ReunionThe actress is interested in being a part of Tina Fey's upcoming musical based on the film.
Oh My God That Was One Time! Lindsay Lohan And Jonathan Bennett FaceTimed Right After October 3rdTo be a fly on the wall for that conversation...
Lindsay Lohan Celebrates 'Mean Girls' Day With One-Handed SelfieThe actress lost half of a finger during a boating accident over the weekend.
'Mean Girls' Star Lacey Chabert Welcomes Baby Girl!Gretchen Wieners is officially a mom!
'Mean Girls' Star Daniel Franzese Is Engaged!!Another 'Mean Girls' star has gotten engaged

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