Producer Mike Finally Officiated The Wedding!Whether or not all that worrying paid off, he was able to make a very memorable moment with the newlyweds.
Producer Mike Tries Taco Bell For The First Time!Producer Mike is a well-known 'picky eater', and each year his family makes him try something new. This year Mike and his family decided to head for the border!
Producer Mike Ripped His Pants (LOL)Of course, Producer Mike rips his pants right when he needs his pants the most. What a shame.
Three Lies To Tell Your Mom: Valentine's Day MassacreIt's a Valentine's Day edition of 3 Lies... Can we sufficiently freak out Mike's mom?
War Of The Roses Marathon: Laid UpDonna thinks her boyfriend may be cheating on her while he's away on business. Don't be surprised if by the end of the call, someone is crying for their mama.
First Rant Of The SummerProducer Mike just wanted to nap, but ended up babysitting Cam on the beach instead.
Would You Give Back a $1000 Tip If The Person Was Drunk?Producer Mike went out and asked some of the staff at Smokey Bones if they would give the money back in that scenario.
War Of the Roses Marathon: Breaking A Dry SpellKara had asked her new man Mike to take it slow. Now she's worried he might have taken it somewhere else.
Should You Take Your Spouse to a Class Reunion?Producer Mike's Class reunion is coming up soon and he plans on going but is leaving behind his wife.
The Interns Point Out Flaws In Our Prom PicturesWe think the interns may be doing more coffee runs after this installment of Karson & Kennedy...
Unqualified Advice: Producer Mike Is In TroubleIf you're looking for relationship advice, look no further! Or maybe you should... Listen as the morning crew gives Producer Mike unqualified advice.
War of The Roses Marathon: Breaking A Dry Spell

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