Salt Bought An Expensive Ornament And Is Mad About ItSalt was tempted by a mall vendor to purchase a cute Christmas ornament for Sarah after noticing there was "free personalization" involved
Salt Has Been Hacked!You need to check out what happened!
College Student's Viral Tweet Might Lead To Generous DonationA college student asked that for every favorite and retweet a tweet of hers would receive, she would make a St. Jude donation for a certain amount of money.
Three Lies : The Emergency Only CardAnna's mom Heather gave her an emergency credit card 5 years ago that she has never used....
3 Lies To Tell Your Mom: Blank Check BustedWe play "3 Lies To Tell Your Mom" with Jake!
Mad Marge From Malden Is Mad... AgainMad Marge from Malden can find anything to be angry about.
Boy Wins $30,000 College Video Games Scholarship, His Mother Calls UsTina is a big fan of the show, and she's super excited that her son Colin just received a $30,000 college scholarship to play VIDEO GAMES!
3 Lies To Tell Your Mom: iPhone Plan BluesOne of his lies includes buying 10 iPhone X's (that sell for $1000 a pop) using his mom's money.
Facebook Fight: #GarbageHumanCharlie owes everyone money, but instead of settling his debts, he thinks it's a better idea to take everyone to lunch.
Is Taylor Swift Scamming Her Fans?Kennedy thinks so. Our stations music Director Mike not so much.
Salt's Girlfriend Got A Job Makin' More Money Than He Does!Salt's girlfriend has been unemployed this summer waiting for that one right job, but it was worth the wait! Find out what Salt thinks about the situation.
What Expensive Objects Have You Destroyed Right After Buying Them?Someone crashed their Ferrari an hour after buying it and we are WEEPING about it.

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