Would Your Call Your Mom By Her First Name?Mom? BFF? Auntie? IDK! Salt met a woman at Toy Jam who had to call her mom "Susan" as a kid when she was with her in public so she would seem like a friend rather than her real mom.
Three Lies To Tell Your Mom : Sweet 16 StrippersHow do you really piss off your mom? Tell her you're getting strippers and booze for her granddaughters sweet 16!
3 Lies To Tell Your Mom: Vegas Is A Den Of SinYour mom hates Vegas, and you tell her you're going to start dating a stripper there while becoming a professional poker player.
3 Lies To Tell Your Mom: The Poop HouseWhat would you do if your kid called you saying the septic tank had overflowed?
How To Deal With An Overbearing Mother-In-Law!Karson's mother-in-law is celebrating her 2 year anniversary of moving in with Karson for "90 days."
Teresa And Her Children Were At Last Nights Ariana Grande ConcertShe spoke to K&K this morning about her first hand experience during the tragedy.
Family Activities: Pot-Smoking!?!Would you ever smoke with your children?
Virtual Kidnapping Hits MassachusettsThere’s a new scary scam out there called “virtual kidnapping," and it’s just as traumatizing as the real thing.
Facebook Fight: Get OutHank wants to go to the movies, just not with his girlfriend...
A Daughter Divorcing From DadDo you think Kurt should be upset, or is he overreacting?
Facebook Fight: Memes for the ParentsDo memes cause Facebook fights?
Is There Such Thing As a Part-Time Mom?Does working part-time also make you a "part-time mom?" Apparently some people think this way.

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