Can't Beat Kennedy: Tuesday 01-02-18Can YOU beat Kennedy?!
Did Your Mom Ever Go Crazy Cleaning Before Holiday Company?A mom has gone viral for blocking off her living room after cleaning it for the holidays.
How Are You Doing With Your New Year's Resolution?Karson already broke his. Couldn't even make it the weekend.
Top 5 New Year's Resolutions For 2016Many of them are tried and true, but a few of them have a new twist. Is your resolution on the list?
Mix 104.1's Most Clicked Posts of 2015In addition to all of Mix's impressive accomplishments this year, we also had a pretty big a year on the web, thanks to you!
War Of The Roses Marathon: "Two Sides To Every New Year"Cassandra's boyfriend Ron got a New Year's call from an ex. Is he poppin' bottles with someone else or will she spend 2015 drinking alone?
War of the Roses: Two Sides to Every New YearCassandra's boyfriend Ron got a New Year's call from an ex. Is he poppin' Bottles with someone else? or will she spend 2015 drinking alone?
Champagne Cocktails for Kids and AdultsDon't let the kids miss out on the New Year's Eve bubbly! Here are some mocktails that you can make for them, and add a little kick for yourself.
New Year's Resolutions for CelebritiesAs much as we love to make fun of them, we think these stars can do better in 2015.
Would You Go to a Wedding On New Years Eve?We had a listener call in who had a gripe with her cousin. She scheduled her wedding for New Years Eve and Elise thinks it's unfair to plan everybody's holiday for them.
15 Tips For Surviving Your Alcohol-Fueled HolidaysHoliday celebrations can be fun, but also lead to excessive drinking - which can be rough the next day. But thankfully, there are plenty of ways to prevent the dreaded holiday hangover. Here are the steps you can take to enjoy your holidays and stay safe.
War Of The Roses Marathon: The BartenderGlenn is worried about Meghan's attitude towards a friendly bartender that was working at a New Years party the two attended together.

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