Can't Beat Kennedy: Friday 8/18
Can't Lick Salt: Tuesday 8/15Can anyone beat Salt this week? Can YOU?
Paris Hilton Wants Haters To Know She's "More Talent Than Name"The hottest DJs are blown away when they see her DJ live from her booth.
Demi Lovato's "Sorry Not Sorry" Video Features Paris Hilton & Wiz KhalifaLooks like she's bringing the A-list stars for her next video
Lindsay Lohan Invited Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, & Beyonce To Mykonos For Her Birthday Via TwitterYes, Lindsay actually invited them via a public tweet
Paris Hilton Reveals She Voted For Donald Trump"I’ve known him since I was a little girl"
Paris Hilton Used to Trick-or-Treat at the Playboy Mansion and Aaron Spelling's HouseThat's hot.
From Frankie B To JNCO, Paris Hilton Revives Classic 2000's Denim For Vogue"We didn't have stylists on 'The Simple Life,' so we wore whatever we wanted."
Can't Beat Kennedy: Stephanie From CharlestownCan Stephanie beat Kennedy?
Dirty on the 30 - PDiddy Is Now PFallDownyP Diddy fell, Bristol Palin's surprise pregnancy was "planned", and Paris Hilton almost fake-died.
Can't Beat Kennedy: Kerri From BrocktonCan Kerri beat Kennedy?
Dirty on the 30 - Mariah Smells A Rat!Mariah knows who did it, Miley and Paris do it, and Taylor Swift does not....

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