Are Birthday Parties Always "Drop-Off?"Karson dropped Barrett off at a birthday party this weekend, but when he picked him up, he got vibes that it wasn't actually a "drop-off" party from parents that stayed there the whole time.
Should You Ask Someone To Stay With Them?Karson says if his friend didn't offer that's a no while Kennedy thinks Salt should just ask. What would you do?
Three Lies To Tell Your Mom : Sweet 16 StrippersHow do you really piss off your mom? Tell her you're getting strippers and booze for her granddaughters sweet 16!
Three Lies To Tell Your Mom: Dude Where's My CarWe cooked up three lies for Kayla to tell her mother Michelle!
Kennedy Adulted & You'll NEVER Guess Why!What do you think happened when Kennedy ran into her boyfriend's ex?
Who Invites Someone's Ex To Their Surprise Party?Because it happened to Samantha. And he brought his new girlfriend
Producer Mike's Son Is Having a Crazy 21st Birthday PartyAnd the show thinks it's gonna be a crap show!
Fun College RAs Exist!Welcome to Salt's Wednesday nights! He hosts a trivia segment at a bar and met some wild College RAs...
What's Your Signal To Get Out Of a Situation?The Queen of England reportedly has different gestures or movements that she does with her wedding ring or handbag to indicate to her people that she wants to end a particular conversation, or leave a place.
War Of The Roses Marathon: Let's Go To PrisonChris is concerned his girlfriend is partying a little too much. But the reason he's not going out may surprise you.
War Of The Roses Marathon: Keep Your Friends CloseAndrea and her boyfriend love to go out and party with friends. But is one of those friends getting a little too close for comfort?
You Haven't Changed A Bit!Should Karson go to his high school reunion?

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