Should This Lowell Cop Lose His Job?A Lowell police officer was caught sleeping in his car with a pillow and a blanket and the photo has gone viral.
Breastfeeding Mom Under FireDo you think it's okay to breastfeed someone else's child?
Producer Mike's Wife May Love Another...And his name is Sam Hunt.
Wicked Wake Up Call: CatfishedJames gets a call from Alicia Love because there have been complaints about him using an old picture of himself on a dating site!
Would You Break Up With Your Man Because He Can't Take A Good Picture?Pam is in a relationship with a guy she really cares about, and he's really good looking, but he just can't take a good picture to save his life.
Would You Be Mad At Your Boyfriend For Liking Another Girl's Facebook Pictures?One of Karson's friends got in trouble with his girlfriend because he liked another girl's picture on Facebook. Do you think she has a solid reason for being mad, or is she just being jealous over nothing?
Should Karson Be Scared To Sell Pictures Of Barrett Online?Karson has caught the photography bug, and something happened to him over the weekend that he originally thought he would have liked...but in actuality he is kind of creeped out!
The Kid Who Took a Hospital Selfie After the PA School StabbingOne of the PA school stabbing survivors took a selfie in the hospital showing his stab wound and a smirk on his face. What were his intentions behind the selfie? Some say he's mocking the other victims. Here's what we think about it, and also some of our callers.
Kennedy's Rockin' Christmas Card
Little Joey Powling Has Gone Viral At 3 Months Old
War Of The Roses Marathon: The Text Gone Wrong
Lady Gaga's 'Born This Way Ball Tour' Stage Design [PHOTO]

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