Salt & Sarah Set a Wedding Date!And they will NOT be getting married in Massachusetts!
Salt's Going To a Wedding Expo!Who Doesn't Love a good wedding expo? Most men actually.
Salt & Sarah's First Wedding HiccupBooking a venue is never easy....
Baby Mama Drama! (Or Aunt)Erin O'Malley is having some major drama regarding the baby shower she is planning for her sister.
Karson Talks To His Ex-Wife...Karson hasn't spoken to his ex-wife on the phone for close to 5 years and last night they spent almost 2 hours talking to each other.
Is Salt Moving In With A Girl?!Well, maybe.
Karson Put A Deposit Down For His Daughter's Wedding!Karson had a big moment in his life yesterday.  He put down a deposit on the venue for his daughters wedding!
Should Karson's Ex Back Off and Let Their Daughter Plan Her Own Wedding?Karson's daughter Krysten is getting married next year and they are starting to make some definitive plans about the big day.
Unqualified Advice: Producer Mike Is In TroubleIf you're looking for relationship advice, look no further! Or maybe you should... Listen as the morning crew gives Producer Mike unqualified advice.
Wicked Wake Up Call: Family VacationKelly wanted us to call her husband Nick and mess up the family vacation to the happiest place on Earth that he's been planning because she thinks he's gone a bit overboard.
Lady Gaga Planning Record-Breaking Tour

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