Britney Spears Is "So Happy" Sister Jamie Lynn Is Expecting Second Child!The family is so excited for the new addition!
That Tumultuous Thing Known As CollegeCollege is a time of discovery, freedom, exploration, and, of course, makin' babies, just like Producer Mike did!
How Did You Tell Him He Was Going to Be a Dad?Were you sneaky about it? Did you make it obvious?
Wife's Maternity Photo With Deployed Soldier Is Going Viral For Obvious Reasons"As my belly gets bigger — the more I miss him! I just wish he was here."
Facebook Fight: Jerome You Are NOT the FatherWanda is getting fed up about people talking about the father of her baby... so naturally she took it to Facebook to announce her DNA results.
A Freudian Slip at WorkHave you ever called someone by the wrong name?
Karson Has A Big Announcement!What could this big announcement be? Karson reveals it to us!
I'm a Dumbass: Maybe You Should Care What You Name Your Child?Got a suggestion on how Paul can get out of this hole he dug? Or is he just done?
Three Lies To Tell Your MomRob tells his mom three lies that are her worst nightmare.
I'm a Dumbass : How Not to React to Your Girlfriend Being PregnantScott gives a step by step tutorial on how to be a dumbass in this very delicate situation.
Don't Mess With A Pregnant Lady!We think Jenna via text message said it best: "Someone is getting a great push present!" Dad is in the Doghouse..check out what he did! Interact with us via text message at 617-931-1234 at any time, and hear the Doghouse live Monday's 5:40
The Internet Went Crazy Over Something Chrissy Tiegen Did AgainShe and her husband John Legend went out to dinner and everyone freaked out because they weren't home with their one week old child.

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