Can't Lick Salt : 02-09-18Can YOU Lick Salt?
Can't Beat Kennedy: Tuesday 01-16-18Can YOU beat Kennedy?!
Can't Beat Kennedy: Tuesday 11-28-17Can YOU beat Kennedy?!
Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Are Engaged!"He's happier than he's been for many years."
Can't Beat Kennedy: Wednesday 9/6
Rihanna & Prince Harry Team to Promote HIV TestingThe singer and Prince got tested in honor of World AIDS Day.
Can't Beat Kennedy: Jessica From SomervilleCan Jessica beat Kennedy?
The Envy Awakens With Prince Harry and Prince William's Trip to the 'Star Wars' SetThe force was with the British royal family today.
Can't Beat Kennedy: Souch From SharonCan Sharon beat Kennedy? Can you?
Karson's Sexy Pictures of Famous People: Bloody Rob Lowe Is Still Very Sexy!
Can't Lick Salt: Heather From ShrewsburyCan Heather from Shrewsbury "lick" Salt?
Watch Ed Sheeran & Erin Discuss Gingers and Talk NerdyWatch as Ed and Erin get nerdy talking about "The Hobbit" and find out who they think everyone's favorite ginger is.

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