We Have A Conclusion To Jim And Gina's Valentines Day Saga!Hear How It Ends!
Gina's Husband is on Valentines Day Probation!The Saga of Gina and Jim's Valentines Day Fiasco.
What's The Worst Valentine's Day Gift You've Ever Received?He Got You WHAT?
Three Lies To Tell Your Mom : Valentines Back UpTHREE GUYS?
Is Karson's Wife Laying a Valentines Day Trap?It's a Trap!
15 Seconds of Flame: Kennedy Talks Dating AppsKennedy's back on the dating scene again, so of course she's gotta try out the plethora of different apps and websites to find her next man.
Are Tim the Web Guy and Franzia An Item?Franzia and Tim spent some time together this weekend on a booze cruise, and we want to know if it amounted to anything!
I'm a Dumbass: Vacation NightmareInstead of booking Disneyland Austin booked a College Spring Break...
Dump Or Date: Clammy ComedianWhat do you think Alison should do? Dump or Date?
Three Lies To Tell Your Mom: Valentine's Day MassacreIt's a Valentine's Day edition of 3 Lies... Can we sufficiently freak out Mike's mom?
War Of The Roses Marathon: Laid UpDonna thinks her boyfriend may be cheating on her while he's away on business. Don't be surprised if by the end of the call, someone is crying for their mama.
Salt's Single Ladies: Wednesday EditionWho wants to date Salt?! Salt is flying solo this Valentine's Day and if you are as well, why not fly solo together?

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