Can't Beat Kennedy: Monday 11/20Can anyone beat Kennedy this week? Can YOU?!
Can't Beat Kennedy: Wednesday 11/8
Can't Beat Kennedy: Monday 9/18Can anyone beat Kennedy this week? Can YOU?
American Idol Auditions News Photobomb Fail With Salt And Intern PaulSalt and Intern Paul headed down to the American Idol auditions line to check out some auditioning contestants.
Ryan Seacrest to Return as Host of 'American Idol'"The show is going, we thought well, and then all of a sudden we broke up. I thought it would be great to get back together at some point."
Producer Dan Plays Us His On-Air Demos, And We're Impressed!Listen to how perfect Producer Dan sounds on-air. Watch out, Karson & Kennedy!
Can't Beat Kennedy: Wednesday 5/10Can Lindsay, Evelyn, or Scott beat Kennedy? Can YOU?
Is 2017 Already Doomed? Ryan Seacrest Got Stuck In Elevator Below The Times Square BallLooks like the new year is off to a great start.....
Can't Beat Kennedy: Courtney From StonehamCan Courtney beat Kennedy?
Karson and Kennedy Talk About the American Idol Series FinaleOr was it the finale?
Can't Beat Kennedy: Meaghan From DedhamCan Meaghan beat Kennedy?
Kristen Bell and Straight No Chaser Ask You to "Text Me Merry Christmas"Watch the holiday video from 'Frozen' actress Kristen Bell and a cappella group Straight No Chaser. Because all we really want from that special far away someone this Christmas is a text...

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