Salt Bought An Expensive Ornament And Is Mad About ItSalt was tempted by a mall vendor to purchase a cute Christmas ornament for Sarah after noticing there was "free personalization" involved
Salt Has Been Hacked!You need to check out what happened!
Thanksgiving Day RecapIt was a successful thanksgiving all around!
Headphone Karaoke: "Bye Bye Bye" FranziaIt's official, people...Franzia is leaving Mix 104.1 to co-host for WPOC!
The Karma Train Just Hit Producer Mike Head OnAnd it has something to do with Someone Electricity being shut off.
Salt & Sarah Take On The MoviesAn old theater transitioning to online ticket purchases and assigned seats made the date night quite eventful... and utterly crazy.
Kennedy Surprises Boyfriend Tommy Lee In NYCKennedy wanted to go to NYC on a school night to see her boyfriend Tommy Lee's band perform, so Karson and Salt bought her a bus ticket!
The Boys Surprise KennedySo the boys, all by themselves, have planned a surprise for Kennedy.
Salt Went To A Wegmans' Grand Opening Just For FunWhat does Salt do on Sunday mornings at 11am? He goes to grand openings of new grocery stores.
Should You Ask Someone To Stay With Them?Karson says if his friend didn't offer that's a no while Kennedy thinks Salt should just ask. What would you do?
Producer Dan Impresses DJ-Ing Salt's Trivia NightWhether it be DJ Dantastic or DJ DanMouse, Dan's on his way to being quite prepared for his upcoming paid gig!
Operation: "Get Well Gordon Hayward"We have a plan to make him feel better, and it may include an airplane, a window-washer, and Salt making him a card in the parking lot.

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