3 Lies To Tell Your Mom: The Haunted HouseWe're going to need as many black cats as we can find...
The Saga of Franzia Not Wanting to See "IT" The Movie.
Karson's Nightmares!Karson had a nightmare! No, it was not about monsters... but maybe a monster-in-law?
Kennedy's Salacious Dream Update!See what his dream was all about!
Boo! Halloween Scares That Went Too FarBilly and Michelle called in to talk about the time they went too far for a scream!
Is Karson's Son Barrett Too Young To Watch 'Ghostbusters'?Producer Zach thinks Karson's crazy for letting a five year old watch the movie
Can't Beat Kennedy: Kirk From ChelmsfordCan Kirk beat Kennedy?
How Did Barrett Roll Away?The good news: Barrett is fine. The bad news: he may be traumatized.
Boo! 6 Celebrity Cameos to Watch Out for in Horror MoviesEnter here, if you dare!
Barrett Chipped His Tooth, But Everything is "Good" NowListen to Barrett's reaction to chipping his tooth.
Wicked Wake Up Call: Halloween Costume Is Too ScaryKaren's son Trevor is not allowed to come to school in costume this year because he was just too scary last year.
Mix Halloween Flashback: Kennedy Remixes Lady Gaga's "You And I" With "My Ghoul And I"Last year before Halloween, Kennedy went into the lab and came out with a parody of Lady Gaga's "You and I" called "My Ghoul And I," so we resurfaced it just in time for the holiday for you to enjoy!

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