Serena Williams Takes Her Baby On Her Honeymoon. Would You?Would you want to deal with a baby on your honeymoon?
Can't Beat Kennedy: Monday 9/18Can anyone beat Kennedy this week? Can YOU?
Can't Beat Kennedy: Tuesday 9/5
Can't Beat Kennedy: Thursday 7/6Can anyone beat Kennedy today? Can YOU?
Can't Beat Kennedy: Thursday 5/4Can Laura, Chelsea, or Kim beat Kennedy? Can you?
SPORTS! With Kennedy: Gronk and the GOATKennedy has you covered with her take on the latest news and gossip on everything from Boston teams' playoff scores to national athlete drama.
Serena Williams Teaches You How to Twerk"Everyone at some point should do a twerk," Williams insists.
Can't Beat Kennedy: Jake From CohassetCan Jake beat Kennedy? Can YOU?
Serena Williams Loses US Open, Internet Blames DrakeMeek Mill has yet to weigh in.
Are Drake and Serena Williams An Item?You can check out a few photos, decide, and then go about your day.
Taylor Becomes Besties with Emma Watson and Goes On a Double Date with Her Ex Joe JonasAnd how was your weekend?
Serena Williams Parodies Beyoncé's '7/11' Video: WatchThe tennis star has cemented her comparison to Beyoncé forever by recording a new cover version of "7/11," complete with a tennis twist.

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