Can't Beat Kennedy: Friday 01-12-18Can YOU Beat Kennedy?
Ingrid Michaelson Talks About Her Bette Midler Duet With KarsonShe also asked the morning show what Shaggy had to say about her crushing on him!
Shaggy Answers Whether The MixFest Crowd Got "Turnt" During His Set"They did a great aerobic class," the reggae rapper said about the crowd.
Shaggy Chats With Gregg and Freddy About That Time He Casually Went Clubbing In BostonIn between successfully getting the entire Mixfest crowd on their feet, and then getting Gregg, Fred, and Amanda on theirs, Shaggy actually sat down for a minute to chat.
Ryan Tedder From OneRepublic Talks About Curfew Fines, and His Favorite Spot In BostonHe also talked about his love of "Pilates."
Is "It Wasn't Me" Autobiographical? Hear Shaggy's Answer!FYI, he still goes by "Mr. Lover Lover".
Karson and Kennedy's Ultimate Battle of the Sexes!Mixfest just got a little more interesting!
10 Things You Didn't Know About ShaggyIf you listen to Mix 104.1, then you may already know a lot about Shaggy. But did you know these 10 things?
The Great Cookie Caper: My Rebuttal #ItWasntMe...the Mix DJs are all friends, we've worked together for years and get along great. It really is like a family around here. Until today, that is. See, Karson's cookies are missing! (Full Story: The Great Cookie Caper) All of a sudden, everybody's looking at each other sideways, people are taking sides, pointing fingers, throwing shade--this has a good chance of dwarfing the Market Basket debacle. I am, apparently, a suspect. And despite the advice of my legal counsel, I've decided to go on record. Here's a prepared statement from my spokesman, Mr. Boombastic:
Flashback Dance-Party: 10 Timeless Tracks From 2000 To Get You Pumped For The Weekend

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