Steven Tyler Plays Aerosmith Song GameSalt decided that he wanted to play the Aerosmith song game with Steven Tyler. He made 3 different versions: easy, hard and insane. Being the rebellious rock star that he is, Steven Tyler instantly chose the insane one
Listener Questions For Steven TylerThe crew here at Mix 104.1 got the chance to go to the Steven Tyler pre-concert event yesterday at the Four Seasons to interview the main man himself. Kennedy came up with a new idea for how to ask him questions. She wrote down a bunch of questions then had the contest winners ask them to him. He loved the idea!
The Steven Tyler Experience With Karson & KennedyOn Sunday Karson, Kennedy, and Salt got the chance to go to the Four Seasons for the pre-concert Steven Tyler Interview. The crew from Mix 104.1 showed up, alongside a few other stations, with a crowd of people and about ten listeners as well!
Steven Tyler At Mix (Part 1)Aerosmith rock icon and American Idol host Steven Tyler joins Karson & Kennedy and Erin O'Malley!
Steven Tyler Visits The Mix StudioAerosmith and American Idol's Steven Tyler joined Karson, Kennedy and Erin O'Malley in the Mix studio Friday morning to talk about his life and career and discuss his new autobiography. Hear who Steven hopes wins it all on "Idol"!

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