Kennedy Surprises Boyfriend Tommy Lee In NYCKennedy wanted to go to NYC on a school night to see her boyfriend Tommy Lee's band perform, so Karson and Salt bought her a bus ticket!
The Boys Surprise KennedySo the boys, all by themselves, have planned a surprise for Kennedy.
Taylor Swift Made Rare Appearance At UK Fan's HouseTalk about the ultimate surprise!
Kristen and Matt Have Some Big News For Kristen's MomThey did something HUGE without telling anyone in either of their families.
Play "You Give Love A Bad Name" To Win Bon Jovi Tickets!Leave a voicemail at 617-564-1041 and tell your tale for a chance to win Bon Jovi tickets!
Is Getting a Family Puppy for Christmas a Good Idea?We got an email from a listener whose husband bought a puppy for their kids for Christmas without consulting her.
Birthday Edition: Celtics TicketsIt was Barrett's Birthday and Karson did not invite him to the Celtics game... little did he know it was a cruel joke!
Karson's Surprise: A New Rug!Karson's wife Lana decided to make a big purchase without consulting him first.
I'm a Dumbass: Vasectomy Surprise!Caller Dean decided to surprise his wife with a vasectomy!
Happy Birthday Producer Mike!Of course we had to play party games when Producer Mike hits the big 4-0!
Producer Mike's Anniversary Disaster!Poor Producer Mike had a big anniversary surprise planned for his wife Natalie and she inadvertently ruined it!
Kennedy's Surprise Serenade!Boston's own Keytar Bear stopped by to surprise Kennedy!

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