Would Your Call Your Mom By Her First Name?Mom? BFF? Auntie? IDK! Salt met a woman at Toy Jam who had to call her mom "Susan" as a kid when she was with her in public so she would seem like a friend rather than her real mom.
Keeping It In The FamilyDo you say "ick" or "aww"?
War Of The Roses Marathon: The HairdresserRebecca thinks Austin is cheating on Susan. So rather than ask one of them, she's asking us!
15 Seconds Of Fame - Suzan + Freek | Cheerleader
Couple Meets At Walmart & Gets Married In The Layaway SectionWayne Brandenburg of Shallotte, North Carolina used to go shopping at Walmart three or four times a week. Starting in 2005, he noticed a cashier named Susan, and always made sure to go through her line to say hi....

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