Can't Beat Kennedy: Thursday 9/21
Can't Beat Kennedy: Thursday 7/27
Producer Mike Tries Taco Bell For The First Time!Producer Mike is a well-known 'picky eater', and each year his family makes him try something new. This year Mike and his family decided to head for the border!
Can't Beat Kennedy: Nicole From NashuaCan Nicole beat Kennedy?
Can't Beat Kennedy: Liz From AttleboroCan Liz beat Kennedy?
MBQ: What's The Most Disgusting Thing You've Ever Eaten?
Can't Beat Kennedy: Sarah From WalthamCan YOU beat Kennedy? Sarah from Waltham calls in to give it a shot.
Taco Bell Employee Licking A Huge Stack of Taco Shells [PHOTO]On Sunday night, someone posted a photo on Taco Bell's Facebook page showing a Taco Bell employee licking a giant stack of taco shells. See the picture here...
5 Rock Bands That Hit The TV Commercial Jackpot In 2012
Passion Pit Address Taco Bell 'Take A Walk' Controversy: “It’s An Amazing Opportunity”Fan reaction to Passion Pit's hit song "Take a Walk" being used in a Taco Bell ad has been all over the map, with some fans loving it and others finding it to be a big bummer. We spoke to singer Michael Angelakos to get his take on the controversy.
Can't Beat Kennedy - April 24, 2012
Can't Beat Kennedy: Wednesday 6/29/11

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