Kennedy Got a HUGE New Tattoo!And we also heard from some people about the WORST tattoo's they've seen!
Kennedy Tried to Get Kesha To Tattoo Her at NSSN!Do you think Kesha had her tattoo gun ready to go?
Our "Mayer Mania" Winner Lisa Finally Got In Touch With Karson & KennedyLisa won our "Mayer Mania" contest on Friday for front row tickets and a backstage meet and greet with John Mayer at the Garden Sunday night.
Karson, Kennedy & Salt Hit The Streets For The Patriots Parade!Karson, Kennedy & Salt spent the day yesterday down at Whiskey's on Boylston St. for the Patriots Parade & ran into some very interesting fans.
Are You Hiding A Tattoo?These adult Mix listeners have been hiding their tattoos for years!
Kennedy Confronts a Guy Who Left an Inappropriate Facebook CommentYou won't believe the turn the conversation took!
To Tattoo Or Not To TattooGregg, now a father of 2, is so in love with his kids that he's thinking of getting their names as a tattoo. He doesn't have any, and is wondering if he should finally get inked. We opened the phone lines and got a ton of advice...!
War Of The Roses Marathon: "Angel Of Mine"Veronica is concerned that her boyfriend Chris is still hooked on his ex. Will a tattoo confirm her fears?
Ed Sheeran Got a New Tattoo...Of a Giant Lion, On His ChestWhy did he want this? Check out this photo and tell us what you think of it, because we're not sure what to think yet...
Dirty on the 30 - What Damaged T Swift's $40 Mil Legs??TSwift gets scratched, Steven goes country, and Nick gets inked.
Demi Calls Karson Her "Twinsie" and Leaves a Permanent Mark on Her Fan (VIDEO)Lucky listener Tori got to interview Demi Lovato with Karson backstage at her concert. Find out why Demi called Karson her "twinsie" and see if Tori followed through with her promise to Karson!
How Have Your Kids Disappointed You?We all love our kids, but sometimes even the best of them do stupid things. Today on the show we call out a few kids on disappointing their parents.

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