Karson & Kennedy Talk #HurricaneHarvey with Mix 96.5 In HoustonKarson & Kennedy spoke with Sarah Pepper from our sister station, Mix 96.5 in Houston on the aftermath of Harvey.
EXCLUSIVE: Karson & Kennedy Talk With Dylan Wagner; 19 Year Old Who Helped FBI Recover Brady's Stolen JerseysThis morning Karson & Kennedy got the full story from Dylan Wagner, the 19 year old Seattle-based Patriots fan whose tip led the FBI to recovering both of Tom Brady's stolen Super Bowl jerseys in Mexico.
15 Seconds | Jeremy Green - Chained To The Rhythm (Viola)
Three Lies To Tell Your Mom: Super Bowl WeddingWhat would your parents do if you moved your wedding because of the Super Bowl?
Faux 911: An Average DUI Until...Until he added some new charges when he was caught on camera in the back of the cruiser pulling a bag of cocaine out of one of his fat rolls.
15 Seconds Of Fame - Joel Adam Russell | Just Give Me The Chance
The Male Version Of Hooters Is Coming, And It's Called 'Tallywackers'It's about to start raining men! And...phallic shaped foods?
MBQ: Woman Gets Fired Over Tweet
15 Seconds Of Fame - Ryan Scott Travis | High And Dry
War Of The Roses Marathon: "The Comeback"Jennifer lost her boyfriend to a job in Texas 2 years ago and now he's relocating back to Boston. The only problem is he's bringing back more than just experience.
War Of The Roses: The ComebackJennifer lost her boyfriend to a job in Texas 2 years ago. Now, he's relocating back to Boston... the only problem... he's bringing back more than just experience.
The Good News: Tribute Flag For Fallen Marine Found At Flea Market Given To FamilyFlea Market Find: "Tribute Flag" for Fallen Marine given to grateful family...

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