Thanksgiving Day RecapIt was a successful thanksgiving all around!
Karson Stole A Propane Tank Out Of Thanksgiving DesperationAs Karson was frying his turkey for Thanksgiving, he ran out of propane after a mere 15 minutes...
Adam Sandler's 'Thanksgiving Song' RevisitedTwenty-five years after its debut, Sandler's "Thanksgiving Song" is as funny as ever.
Thanksgiving Day DisastersKarson is planning on frying a turkey, which is just begging for a disaster.
Thanksgiving Advice For Kennedy With Lifestyle Expert Matt SimkoKennedy has plans to finally meet Tommy Lee's adult kids, so she is going to need all the help she can get.
Kennedy Is Meeting Tommy Lee's Adult Kids Over ThanksgivingOver Thanksgiving, Kennedy is finally getting to meet Tommy Lee's adult kids in Seattle, and we're shook!
Can't Beat Kennedy: Monday 11/20Can anyone beat Kennedy this week? Can YOU?!
War Of The Roses: Turkey For A TurkeyJill is bringing her boyfriend home for Thanksgiving, but it seems like he might have other dinner plans.
Can't Beat Kennedy: Wednesday 11/15
Facebook Fights: Not So Thankful ThanksgivingShanna was not a fan of her family on Thanksgiving, so she decided to vent about it on the one social media platform her family uses.
Barrett's Thanksgiving ConfessionalThanksgiving was full of surprises for Barrett, who was hopped up on cold medicine.
Celebrate Thanksgiving With These 'SNL' SketchesYou got to celebrate the holiday with this classic sketches!

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