Snippet Of Jennifer Lopez's Spanish Banger "Amor Amor Amor" SurfacesYou'll definitely get up and dance to this hot track
Where Are They Now? The High School Prom EditionThe morning show tracked down one of their prom dates from back in the day. Who did they find and what did they have to say about their date?
New Lea Michele Tribute Track Reveals Final Conversation With Cory MonteithThe ballad shows the outpouring of emotion Lea felt in the week following Cory's tragic death, give it a listen here...
UNH College Athlete Ending Sports Career To Donate Marrow To A StrangerTwo years ago, a shot putter for the University of New Hampshire track team decided to participate in a campus drive for the bone marrow registry. And he found out he's a 100% match for a patient with leukemia, who only has six months to live.
Usain Bolt Continues To Dominate

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