Rome Basically Put Up A Charlie Brown Christmas Tree"Some likened the scruffy tree to a toilet brush."
The K&K Santa HotlineCall it to leave a message for Santa, and it might just be played on-air!
Salt Asks Kids If They've Been Good Or Bad For ChristmasHave they been a good or a bad kid this year to get presents from Santa?
Boston Common Christmas Tree Arrives Today From Nova Scotia!Are you familiar with the story of why our city's Christmas Spruce tree comes from the Canadian province?
Three Lies To Tell Your Mom: Tree TroublesFor this Three Lies, we have Steph yelling "TIMBER!"
Karson "Puts His Foot Down" With LanaYeah... we all know how that went.
Can't Beat Kennedy: Joey From LowellCan Joey from Lowell beat Kennedy?
Karson's Christmas Present DilemmaKarson's wife, Lana, told him that she doesn't want any presents this year for Christmas. What do you think he should do about that?
Karson & Kennedy: Falling On Christmas!

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