Karson Puts His Foot Down: Lana Looks Different, But Why?Lana just came back from her trip, and Karson noticed that she looks a little different. And it's definitely not just her hair!
Karson Puts His Foot Down: The Luggage EditionWhat do you think of Karson's choice of luggage?
Three Lies to Tell Your Mom: What Happens In VegasAndrew just got back from Las Vegas, a city which his mother hates.
Guess Who's Going to Need a Scooter?Producer Mike may need to rent a scooter when he goes to Disney World.
Salt Crashed a Bachelorette Party in Iceland, and Got In Trouble With the PoliceFind out how Salt's Bachelor party got in trouble, and how Bachelorette parties in Iceland differ from ours at home.
Are Honeymoon Funds Tacky?Karson's daughter has revealed that in lieu of a bridal shower, she and her fiance have set up a Go Fund Me page for their honeymoon instead.
War Of The Roses Marathon: Welcome To MiamiAlyson's boyfriend Todd recently took a boys only trip to Miami, and now he's "got ta plead" the 5th.
Boss Man Sal Is Back With Some BIG News!Boss Man Sal has returned with some very interesting news for Salt regarding his GRAMMYS trip this weekend.
Karson's Mother In Law Gives An Update On Her Free Trip.Mimi calls in and gives us an update on her free airline tickets and who she plans on taking.
Karson's Mother-In-Law Won a Free Trip!She's now stuck deciding on which of her two daughters, Lana or Lane, she should bring along with her.  Karson, however, thinks she should just take him instead.
Karson's Mother-In-Law Won a Free TripWho should she take as her plus one?
Kennedy Wants To Go To Adult Summer CampKennedy wants to go to adult summer camp for her vacation this year. Salt and Karson think she's crazy.

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