Would you Let Your Spouse Go On Vacation Alone?Kelly just dropped her husband off at the airport!
Producer Mike's Cruise is Ruined Before He Even Booked It!Mike might be a bit of a germaphobe.
Three Lies : SCUBA!Sophina came back from a holiday break vacation to Mexico and has decided to ruin her mom Marianne's day.
What Did Barrett Say: Mom's Face EditionLana came home from vacation looking a little different, but she won't tell Karson why.
Karson's Summer Book ReportLooking back, Karson had a very eventful summer, one that involved painful injuries and wondrous vacations.
Three Lies To Tell Your Mom: Amateur Interior DesignerAriel's Mom Kelley is having some work done on the house while she's out of town.
Kennedy Giving Advice To Her NieceKennedy visited her family on vacation, and had an interesting conversation with her 5 year old niece.
Karson And Salt Should Avoid Kid Activities At ALL CostsSomebody tackled Karson into the ocean, and Salt almost got killed by a slide.
Karson *Almost* Had To Fight For His Life In Italy!Whether it be friends or enemies, you never know who you're going to run into on the other side of the world.
Italy Let Karson Come Back!Welcome back, Karson!
We Picked Our Great Wolf Lodge Voicemail Winner This Morning!So many funny voicemails!
What Did Barrett Say: Man Of The House EditionWhat does it mean when Barrett becomes the man of the house?

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