The Saga of Franzia Not Wanting to See "IT" The Movie.
Paris Hilton Reveals She Voted For Donald Trump"I’ve known him since I was a little girl"
Facebook Fights: Political EditionAlex has had enough with all of the discussion around the election, and decided to complain about it on Facebook.
Are You Smarter Than An Intern?Intern Kyra joined us today to take a 3rd grade presidential quiz.
Flying Across America to VoteIntern Kyra's friend Rachel is flying all the way from Boston to Swing-State Florida to vote!
Open Mixfest Hall Of Fame | Nick Fradiani
Nick Fradiani IS The Next American Idol!
15 Seconds Of Fame | Nick Fradiani - American Idol Finale UPDATE
15 Seconds Of Fame | Nick Fradiani Looking To Go Top 3 On American Idol Tonight! #Update
Nick Fradiani Goes TOP 6 On American Idol - Now VOTE!
Did You Vote Yesterday? This 3-Year-Old Didn't, And He's Pretty Broken Up About ItXavier is a quite passionate about the democratic process, in fact he wants to participate! One problem, he's only three. He can't legally vote for another decade and a half.
Matthew's Burning Question: A Town In Maryland Will Allow 16 & 17 Year Olds To Vote. Good Idea?

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