War Of The Roses : GPS Is a POSCatching Cheaters Every Thursday at 815!
War Of The Roses Marathon: The SubstituteWho should we send roses next?
War Of The Roses : Solo Vacation FailWho Should We Send Roses To Next?
War Of The Roses: Plow MeWho Should We Send Roses To Next?
War Of The Roses: Are You My Uncle?Did we catch another cheater?
War Of The Roses: The ReunionRachel went with her husband to his high school reunion...
War Of The Roses: Turkey For A TurkeyJill is bringing her boyfriend home for Thanksgiving, but it seems like he might have other dinner plans.
War Of The Roses: The Coupon BookNina found a coupon book for sexy stuff in her boyfriend's nightstand-- only problem? He's been redeeming them elsewhere.
War Of The Roses: BustedTom is worried his wife Lauren is spending too much time with her trainer. the ending of this one has us all in tears. Well, except Salt..
War Of The Roses: Snap AppAmanda has discovered snap app. She also discovered her boyfriend Thomas has been less than honest about his whereabouts.
War Of The Roses: Tinder or TwitterTara thinks her man is cheating with a dating app. However, it seems she doesn't know her plenty of fish from her Facebook.
War Of The Roses: Seat UpRoger thinks his wife Mora might be stepping out because the toilet seat has been staying up!

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