War of the Roses: Storage Closet HookupCarissa has been dating her co-worker Damon for a while, but it seems what happens in the supply closet doesn't stay there.
War of the Roses: Hampton Beach HeartacheLeah and James just got back from their Hampton Beach vacation. Did James come back with more than just a tan?
War of the Roses: Call Me RandyPam is wondering why ladies are calling her husband Randy. Mainly because it's not his name.
War of the Roses: The InternMaureen is worried her long distance boyfriend Eric has checked out of their relationship. When we call him for roses, will he stay faithful or will he stray further away?
War of the RosesSarah called up her hubby Chase and things got real.
War of the Roses: Detroit Rock CityJackie loves her boyfriend Phil. Phil might still be hung up on Becky. Put Shelly into the mix and watch'em get crazy!
War Of The Roses: My Husband Is A StalkerKelly wanted to see if her hubby was cheating. All was going according to plan, until we realized there was an extra person on the call.
War Of The Roses: Brownie WarsKarissa just wanted to help her daughter have a successful lemonade stand, but she ended up with a business rival and a challenger for her hubby's affection.
War Of The Roses: Dat BootyJamie's boyfriend Brett said he had to stay home and study, but it seems by "stay home and study" he meant "hit the bar."
War Of The Roses: 50 Shades WrongJonathan's wife Casey is taking writing classes. Is she conjugating verbs or her teacher?
War Of The Roses: Top 5 DouchesMaggie's boyfriend Larry is best man in a wedding she is not invited to. Is he acting dishonorably with the maid of honor?
War Of The Roses: Babysitter BluesAmber thinks her hubby Matt is getting a little too friendly with the babysitter. Will he get out in time?

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