Salt & Sarah Set a Wedding Date!And they will NOT be getting married in Massachusetts!
War Of The Roses: Are You My Uncle?Did we catch another cheater?
Three Lies : We Eloped!What Three Lies Would You tell Your Mom?
Salt & Sarah Went To a Wedding Expo!And he was not exactly thrilled with it...
Salt's Going To a Wedding Expo!Who Doesn't Love a good wedding expo? Most men actually.
Salt & Sarah's First Wedding HiccupBooking a venue is never easy....
Someone On The Show Got Engaged!Who do YOU think it was?!
Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Are Engaged!"He's happier than he's been for many years."
DJ Dan Gets Gig From Mix ListenerMix Listener Gretchen has been listening to our show and is well aware that DJ Dan is 1.) an aspiring DJ but 2.) has no experience.
Producer Mike Finally Officiated The Wedding!Whether or not all that worrying paid off, he was able to make a very memorable moment with the newlyweds.
"Justice Of The Peace" Gives Wedding Advice To Producer MikeHaving 700 weddings under his belt, this "Justice of the Peace" has some advice for Producer Mike's big day officiating.
Listener Advice For Producer Mike Officiating a WeddingProducer Mike is officiating his cousins upcoming wedding and he is sweating bullets about how it's gonna go.

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