WIC Nutrition Buzz: Easy Workout IdeasFor some people, gyms can be expensive, boring, or intimidating. You can get all the benefits of belonging to a gym-without the membership-by getting creative.
WIC Nutrition Buzz: School's Out!The kids are out of school and you're packing the car for a vacation or a day trip to the beach. Although you are on vacation, try to maintain the healthy diet you promised yourself back in January!
WIC Nutrition Buzz: Fresh Fruits & Veggies MonthFruits and vegetables add color, texture and appeal to your plate-make half of your plate full of them!
WIC Nutrition Buzz: National Men's Health Week & Father's DayThis week is devoted to the men in your lives. Let's try to increase awareness of preventable health problems and encourage early detection and treatment of disease among males.
WIC Nutrition Buzz: June is National Dairy MonthDairy is the richest source of calcium which is needed for strong bones and teeth. A calcium-rich diet may improve heart health and help manage your weight.
WIC Nutrition Buzz: Several Sneaky Ways to Be More ActiveMay is a great time to sneak in some exercise. You don’t have to go to the gym either. You can easily find no- or low-cost ways to sneak in physical activity into your day.
WIC Nutrition Buzz: 30 Minutes Is All The Exercise You NeedDo you need help unwinding after a stressful day? A brisk 30-minute walk or workout can help you calm down and improve your mood!
WIC Nutrition Buzz: Spring Is In The AirThe snow has melted, the streams are swelling, and little sprouts are finding their way to the surface. Springtime is here!
WIC Nutrition Buzz: Celebrate Earth Day The Right WayApril 22nd is Earth Day! A day that is set aside each year to enjoy and care for Mother Nature after a harsh cold winter.
WIC Nutrition Buzz: Save Money and Eat Healthy With Packed LunchesThere are many advantages to packing a lunch for work or school; it costs less money than eating out, you throw out less Styrofoam and plastic from take out, and it can be much healthier because you know what you're packing.
WIC Nutrition Buzz: Start The Day Off Right With Breakfast
WIC Nutrition Buzz: Laughter Is The Best Medicine

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