Wicked Wake Up Call: Pre-School ProblemsAccording to Alicia Love's rigorous standards, Aleeza's son is just not ready to graduate from pre-school.
Wicked Wake Up Call: Baby BlunderAdriane just had a baby and Alicia Love gives her a call from the hospital accusing her of stealing the hospitals receiving blankets.
Wicked Wake Up Call: The Pink Eye ProblemLisa paints faces at kids' birthday parties. Alicia Love gives her a call to let her know that she's shutting her down for spreading pink eye around!
Wicked Wake Up Call: You're BattyAlicia Love gives Dean a call because his neighbors reported that there was a swarm of bats coming out of his chimney at night.
Wicked Wake Up Call: No Fireworks AllowedKate had a little party and now a new government agency is calling to bring her and her hooligan friends down.
Wicked Wake Up Call: Home Invasion!Pam gets an unexpected call from Alicia Love to let her know that her son Jacob is part of a new school program where she will have to home school him!
Wicked Wake Up Call: The Balloon BreakawayAshley just threw a birthday party for her son. And because she was reckless with her balloon captivity, she's now being brought to justice.
Wicked Wake Up Call: Mo' Money Mo' ProblemsMandy recently won $2000 on a lottery ticket. Alicia Love gives her a call to let her know that it was printed on fraudulent paper and that she needs to return the money!
Wicked Wake Up Call: The Money MiscueRobert tried giving his number to a bartender by writing it on a five dollar bill. It turns out the U.S. Treasury doesn't take kindly to the defacement of U.S. currency.
Wicked Wake Up Call: Insta IssuesAlicia Love gives Melanie a call about posting pictures that don’t belong to her on Instagram, and now she’s getting kicked off!
Wicked Wake Up Call: Car TroubleAlicia Love tries taking Jordy's car back, due to some discrepancies in his loan paperwork.
Wicked Wake Up Call: Grilled About Your GrillLou happened to procure a more expensive grill than the one he bought. Alicia love is going to call him out on his shady dealings and demand to get the money he owes.

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