War Of The Roses : GPS Is a POSCatching Cheaters Every Thursday at 815!
Is Karson's Wife Laying a Valentines Day Trap?It's a Trap!
War Of The Roses : Solo Vacation FailWho Should We Send Roses To Next?
Mike Made a HUGE Financial Decision Without Consulting His Wife!Would you be mad if your husband did this without having a conversation with you first?
Would you Let Your Spouse Go On Vacation Alone?Kelly just dropped her husband off at the airport!
War Of The Roses: The ReunionRachel went with her husband to his high school reunion...
Producer Mike's Wife & Daughter Exact Revenge!Yesterday Producer Mike brought us some audio of himself & his wife taking their 16 year old daughter Libby out to drive for the first time since getting her permit earlier this week.
War Of The Roses: BustedTom is worried his wife Lauren is spending too much time with her trainer. the ending of this one has us all in tears. Well, except Salt..
Karson Screwed Up Date Night... 2X!Karson ruined date night twice with his wife Lana over the past few weeks.
War Of The Roses: Seat UpRoger thinks his wife Mora might be stepping out because the toilet seat has been staying up!
Kennedy Was Mistaken For Half of a Lesbian Couple This WeekendAnd she thought the situation was hilarious!
War Of The Roses: Run Away With MeAdrienne's hubby David is a runner. But lately he's less interested in his split times & more interested in sexy times.

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