You Used WHAT To Scrape Your Windshield?!?!Karson's story is HILARIOUS!
Karson Calls Out His Wife Lana Live On The Air...AgainLet's see if putting his foot down went better for him this time.
What Did Barrett Say: Skiing In Vermont EditionIt was in interesting weekend!
Dan Found a Squirrel In the Office!It's an Epidemic!
Can't Beat Kennedy: Tuesday 6/20Can Colleen, Raeanne, and Jennifer beat Kennedy? Can YOU?
Three Lies To Tell Your Mom: I'm On A BoatWe told Tim to tell his mom Liz that he decided to take it out a little early... and let's just say he gets in deep water.
Who Does The "Snow Chores" in Your House?Do you share the snow chores with your significant other?
Don't Scrape Your Windshield This Morning! There's A Better Way!There's a little tip that's floating around social media this week - something that will save you precious time in the mornings before work.
War Of The Roses Marathon: Winter Is ComingRobyn and Brian have been dating for over a year and they spend every day and night together. Except for Sundays. What is it about Sunday?
War Of The Roses Marathon: Not Hot For TeacherMandi and Adam dated all winter. But now that summer is here, his eyes are wandering.
Wicked Wake Up Call: The Fence ViolationChristine's fence around her yard is in rough shape after the record breaking snowfall over the winter. Alicia Love gives her a call from Town Hall to let her know that she's in violation!
War Of The Roses Marathon: "Snow Day"Jessie's boyfriend Peter tried a new career plowing snow during the blizzard. Was he on the roads or with a snow angel?

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