Katy Perry Teases Her "Hey Hey Hey" Music VideoCheck out a tease of the singer's new Parisian themed music video.
Can't Beat Kennedy: Wednesday 11/29Can YOU beat Kennedy?!
Katy Perry Is Allegedly Filming A New Music VideoIt's unclear what the song could be with the Marie Antoinette themed photos that surfaced.
Katy Perry And Intern Paul Share Intimate Moment At Her TD Garden Show!A pop star can share an intimate moment with an audience member at their show, right?!
Can't Beat Kennedy: Monday 9/18Can anyone beat Kennedy this week? Can YOU?
Here's A First Look At Katy Perry's 'Witness' Tour!The singer shared some videos of what fans can expect from the show.
Can't Beat Kennedy: Tuesday 8/1Can Amy, Simone, or Kelly beat Kennedy. Can YOU?
Katy Perry Crowd Surfed At Glastonbury Festival"Sitting here, enjoying some fries in disbelief that I just played a show to about 100,000 people at @glastofest."
Can't Beat Kennedy: Monday 6/26Can Justine, Abby, or Kylie beat Kennedy? Can YOU?
Katy Perry's Next 'Witness' Single Is "Save As Draft"The track has been rumored to be about her ex-lover
Is This Proof That Katy Perry's "Save As Draft" Is About John Mayer?Earlier this year Mayer wrote a track about Perry, is this her response to "Still Feel Like Your Man?"
Witness Describes Scene Of Colorado Shooting

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