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Tickets on the 20s:
Win VIP Tickets to MixFest!

It’s back! MixFest 2013 will be held on September 14th, 2013 at the DCR Hatch Shell in Boston, and while Mix 104.1 is the station where the live music is ALWAYS free, and we’re letting just about anyone and everyone into general admission… There are certain perks about being in VIP at MixFest!

Tens of thousands are expected for MixFest this year, but you and a guest could be living it up in up-front seating in the MixFest VIP section! From now until Friday, listen ever hour from 8:20am until 5:20pm on the :20s for your chance to win a pair of VIP passes to MixFest on the Esplanade in Boston on September 14th!


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