8 Perfect Jimmy Fallon Classroom Instruments Performances

September 19, 2019

Jimmy Fallon might be a late night genius.

When he took over hosting duties of the legendary “Tonight Show” in 2014, audiences weren’t quite sure what to expect of the former SNL cast member in the top-tier late night slot.

Five years later, any doubts have been quelled. Fallon -- whose birthday is Sept. 19 -- has proven that his childlike, fun-loving personality still comes through in a suit. In fact, his is the ideal temperament for disarming guests and making them comfortable enough to follow him anywhere.

Even a classroom. High among Fallon’s talents is his knack for coming up with segments that are just really fun to watch. A prime example is his classroom instruments bits, mini performances performed on mini school supplies, always with the program's versatile band The Roots in tow for additional backing.

The classroom performances have featured some impressive guests, with everyone from rock legends The Who to hitmakers The Jonas Brothers. These are some of the most memorable classroom instruments segments from Fallon's "Tonight Show."