Dr. Anthony Fauci Strikes a Pose on the Cover of InStyle

July 17, 2020

    From an infectious disease specialist to supermodel.

    Dr. Anthony Fauci did his best “Zoolander” impersonation as he posed for the cover of the new issue of InStyle magazine.

    While Fauci didn’t wear a mask, he did don a pair of dark sunglasses, button-down shirt and statement socks while sitting poolside for the photo shoot.

    In the issue, Fauci and his wife, bioethicist Dr. Christine Grady, spoke to journalist Norah O’Donnell and discussed how they’ve been coping with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic by walking over three miles a day.

    “I used to say ‘run,’ but I don’t run very much anymore because at the end of the run, various parts of my body hurt so much,” the 79-year-old said. “Power walking is very enjoyable and relaxing, and we look forward to it.”

    And as the novel virus continues to spike in many states across the country, Fauci advised what the nation has to do to turn things around.

    “As we try to proceed, we need to really take seriously the issue of wearing masks all the time and not congregating in bars. I think we can stop that by just closing them, because they are certainly an important mechanism of this spread,” he added.

    “Keep distances, wash hands, avoid crowds, wear a mask … I think if we diligently do those things, we can turn this around.”

    Fauci also discussed his “complicated” relationship with President Trump.

    “Because in some respects I have a very good relationship with him. During the times that I was seeing him a fair amount, it was quite a collegial relationship,” the White House coronavirus task force member said. “And in many respects, it probably still is, but I don’t see him very much anymore.”

    On Wednesday, Trump and Fauci spoke on the phone for the first time in over a month. According to CNN, the conversation “went well.”

    Fauci’s cover interview appears in the September issue of InStyle, which hits newsstands on Aug. 21.

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