John Legend Sings in Spanish With All-Female Mariachi Band

December 20, 2019

John Legend has worked with artists from Kanye West to Ariana Grande in a variety of genres, but his latest collaboration may be the furthest out of his comfort zone.

Flor de Toloache is an all-women, New York-based mariachi group, sharing with Billboard that they have been John Legend fans ever since they saw him perform live in 2004. When founding member Shae Fiol suggested inviting Legend to collaborate on a song for their new album, the group agreed but questioned whether he’d want to sing in Spanish.

Fiol says that a collaboration between her band and the crooner makes sense to her. “We really push the boundaries of our genre and we love to fuse other genres with mariachi. Mariachi plus John Legend resonates with more people than one might expect. Those who love mariachi and those who love R&B, they overlap!”

The music video, which the group called “something dreamy,” shows a romance sparking between two waitresses after one of them is discriminated against for not being a native English speaker.

The band thanked Legend’s wife, Chrissy Tiegen, for “letting us borrow the sexiest man alive” on Twitter when they announced the premiere of the music video.

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