'Kangaroo Jack' Writer, Elizabeth Hurley's Ex Steve Bing Dies at 55

June 22, 2020

Photo credit Mark Mainz/Getty Images

Steve Bing, writer of "Kangaroo Jack" and investor for Tom Hanks' "The Polar Express" has died by suicide at 55.

According to TMZ, law enforcement sources have revealed that the famed writer and producer jumped from the 27th floor of a luxury apartment building on Monday in LA's Century City.

Bing pursued a career in Hollywood after gaining $600 million from his grandfather and dropping out of Stanford his junior year of college. His first hit came from being an executive producer on Sylvester Stallone's "Get Carter" in 2000.

Bing founded Shangri-La Entertainment and wrote "Kangaroo Jack" in 2003, later investing around $100 million in "The Polar Express."

Bing is survived by his 2 children - Damian Hurley with actress and model Elizabeth Hurley, and Kira Bonder with former pro tennis player Lisa Bonder.

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