6 Ways to Celebrate 'Stranger Things' Day

November 6, 2019

November 6, 1983 was a fateful day.

It was the day that the town of Hawkins was shook to its core when Will Byers disappeared in the Upside Down.

Since “Stranger Things” premiered on Netflix in 2016, countless fans have followed Will (Noah Schnapps) and the rest of the characters into the otherworldly realm. The series became an instant smash, rife with 80s nostalgia and horror campiness updated for the Twitter era, a show that inspired the show that inspired every other show.

Now that Netflix graduated from making its own shows to making its own holidays, loyal viewers are more than willing to acquiesce by marking Nov. 6 on their calendars as “Stranger Things” Day.

Since we know you’re eager to fight the Demogorgon, we’ve put together these six ways to celebrate “Stranger Things” Day.