Teresa and Joe Giudice Celebrate Daughter Milania’s 14th Birthday

February 3, 2020

Milania Giudice just turned 14 years old.

On Sunday, Teresa and Joe Giudice shared Instagram posts with sweet photos to celebrate their daughter’s birthday.

The mother of four posted a montage of throwback pictures of the teenager.

“@milania_giudice356 you are most loving, sweetest girl!” she wrote. “I’m so lucky to have the pleasure to watch you grow into a beautiful, thoughtful, smart young woman! You are always so caring and you are always HILARIOUS.”

“You keep us all on our toes and I hope this is the best year yet!” Teresa continued. “Happy Birthday – I love you so much beautiful ❤️-------------- #14 #happybirthday #superbowl2020.”

Her father, Joe, also shared an Instagram tribute for his daughter’s birthday.

“To my beautiful girl, You got me running in circles writing this today so many emotions coming out I want you know I love you buddy and happy birthday !” the father of four wrote. “You have brought such joy and happiness into our lives. The smiles, laughter, and memories have been some of the best moments of my life!”

“You have your own sense of humor that lights up every room you walk into and the kindest heart of anyone I have ever met,” the father of four continued. “I WILL ALWAYS BE THERE PARTNER! You will always be my princess of my heart. Love you buddy! @milania_giudice356 ❤️----.”

Back in December, Teresa and Joe decided to officially split after twenty years of marriage. The news isn’t shocking as a source close to the family told People that Joe and Teresa “have been separated” since the family's recent trip to visit Joe in Italy.

But there does not appear to be bad blood between the two. Last month, Joe shared a heartfelt slideshow of old photos of the two on his Instagram.

"Don’t fall in! Whatever happens in our future, remember we were friends to begin with," Joe captioned the post. "We will always stay strong. It’s not distance that breaks a couple it’s actions! I’m growing and learning more from today’s generation. egocentrism was thing in baby boomer and gen x era. Now, Millennials believe in joint effort not separating roles. Not, that I didn’t love my era I see the ego thing got in my way like a trap. one bedroom is good Today, simplicity, girls and family first, and actions speak louder than a car or big things.--------☝️"

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