Katy Perry Has a Perfect Reaction When Told Taylor Swift Is Her Cousin

This explains everything!

July 10, 2020

Family drama is one of a kind. Feuding is not out of the ordinary and can stretch on for years before a resolution is reached.

That may partially explain the infamous feud between Katy Perry and Taylor Swift.

Perry was being interviewed by U.K. radio station Capital FM when one of the hosts informed her that she and Swift are ninth cousins. Her reaction? Priceless.

“Well, we fight like cousins!” Perry joked.

Apparently someone on the internet used an online genealogy platform and found out about the relation between the two pop stars.

“Wow! I’m going to have to ask her if this is true or if we should get blood tests together,” she said.

Perry and Swift officially ended their feud in June, 2019 with a literal squashing of the beef. No, really.

Perry guest-starred in Swift’s “You Need To Calm Down” video where she was dressed as a hamburger. Swift, dressed as french fries, spotted Perry and the two came together and embraced one another.

As if Perry didn’t have another reason to smile today (see what we did there?), she dropped the title track from her upcoming album.

The anthem makes a strong case for song of the summer and is exactly the upbeat song everyone needs right now. “I hope it can be a few minutes of energizing hopefulness for you as it is for meee,” she wrote in an Instagram post when she shared the song.

The full album will be available on August 14th. With a new album and a baby on the way, Perry is certainly making the best of these unprecedented times we all live in.

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