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Maddie Poppe Danielle

Gregg & Freddy: Maddie Poppe Interview with Danielle!

Maddie Poppe stopped by Mix 104.1 and talked with Danielle! The American Idol winner talked about becoming a star, shared some personal stories from her career, and also revealed a book that she bought because Katy Perry told her to. RELATED: Gregg & Freddy: Danielle Interviewed Lil Nas X Watch... Read More

Wayfair Store Opens at the Natick Mall

Need a couch? You love lamp? Looking for random shapes to hang on your wall? Well, you no longer have to wait for shipping BECAUSE Wayfair is opening their very first store at the Natick Mall on Wednesday, August 21, 2019. If you are not aware is... Read More
annie kennedy vacation

Karson & Kennedy: #TWERKSANDCAICOS Checklist!

Kennedy and Annie leave for Turks & Caicos on Saturday and Karson cannot leave them alone to just go have a relaxing vacation. So he created a checklist of things they have to do while they are in a tropical paradise. Sounds fun. Kennedy and Annie's Twerks and Caicos Checklist... Read More

Massachusetts Ranked Among America’s Least Friendly States

According to CBS Boston , Massachusetts is NOT very friendly ... “MA locals aren’t exactly rude, per se, but the overall indifference towards strangers can take its toll,” Big 7 Travel's website says. “Ignoring people isn’t exactly a trait that will put Massachusetts among the friendliest states in... Read More