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karson tattoo

Karson & Kennedy: Karson Got A Tattoo!

Karson did something he hasn't done since the mid 90's - he got some ink! We all guessed what we thought it might be and while we were close, we didn't get it totally right. Listen to what the tattoo means and what it means to Karson! Karson Got a Mystery Tattoo Read More
dj dan weekly rap up

Karson & Kennedy: DJ Dan's Weekly Rap Up

Producer Dan brings the fire every single Friday, and we are thankful. It makes up for the Friday Free For All, right??!! This week he kept the Rap-Up theme a surprise. And boy was it! Dan's Not Throwing Away His Shot Read More
dan saw a celebrity

Karson & Kennedy: What Celeb Did Dan See At Dinner?

Dan and his girlfriend Brittany went out to dinner yesterday for the first time. They found a great outdoor place by the water in Quincy and sat down to enjoy a nice evening. Pretty soon they realized the table next to them had a bit of a commotion and lots of talk about the movie "Knives Out"... Read More
celebrity likes

Karson & Kennedy: Have You Gotten A Celebrity "Like"?

When a celeb likes your Tweet or reposts your Insta story it's a pretty cool feeling, right? We asked you guys who you've interacted with on social media and your responses went from Dateline to knitting! Plus, remember what celebrity blocked Karson?? Who Is Your Most Famous Follower? Read More
war of the roses summer of love

War of the Roses - Summer of Love Edition

In all of the War of the Roses we have done, we have seen roses sent to exes, side pieces, men, woman and even moms. But never, have we have heard this. War Of The Roses : A Different Kind of Cheater Read More