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fireworks or adult toy

Karson & Kennedy: Firework or Adult Toy?

Do we need to explain? Karson got a list of fireworks and another list of adult toys and we had to guess which was which. It's more difficult than you think!! Let's Play Firework or Adult Toy! Read More
tip plus 10

Karson & Kennedy: Bobby Wong From Kowloon!

Bobby Wong from our favorite RT 1 spot, Kowloon, joined the show this morning to chat about their new carhop! He explained how you can get tickets, what it has been like so far seeing some of his fave customers, and what to expect in the next couple months. And, if you do make your way to the... Read More
mayor marty walsh

Karson & Kennedy: Mayor Marty Walsh Joins The Show!

Mayor Marty Walsh joined the show today to talk about what the city is doing about those fireworks, launching the new Equity-Inclusion Cabinet, and of course, he has some thoughts about Cam Newton joining Pats Nation. LISTEN: Boston Mayor Marty Walsh Calls In! Read More