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Kylie Jenner

The Top 10 “Riiise and Shiiinnee” Tweets

Kylie Jenner's office tour has created a Twitter Storm(i). Kylie Jenner had a flawless vocal run while waking up her daughter, Stormi, during her “Official Kylie Cosmetics Office Tour” vlog. Her unexpected vocals have turned into the ultimate viral meme. It has sparked tons of fan-made remixes,... Read More

Karson & Kennedy: Mimi's Movie Review!

Karson's mother-in-law Mimi loves to go to the movies! So we asked her to review the movies for us - in her own southern way! This week it's Gemini Man, Joker, and The Addams Family! Mimi's Back With Another Movie Review... Read More

Karson & Kennedy: DJ Dan's Weekly Rap Up

Dan brought the HEAT this week in his Rap Up! From Karson embarrassing himself in front of Natasha Bedingfield, CBK contestant Dominique killing the game, and the great blackout of 2018! DJ Dan's Weekly Rap Up... Read More

Gregg & Freddy Get A Sweet Phone Call From Long-Time Listener

After having an afternoon radio show for so many years, people who started out as listeners become friends. And when people like Andrea take the time out of their day to let us know what our show means to them, that's what makes it all worthwhile!! Gregg & Freddy Get Sweet Phone Call From... Read More
Boston Skyline

A Popular Boston Instagram Spot Is Really Annoying Local Residents

People LOVE to seek out a city's best "Instagram spots" when traveling and it's very trendy to do so right now. Acorn Street, a small narrow street tucked away in Beacon Hill, is feeling the effects of this trend. This street has garnered the unofficial nickname "the most photographed street in the... Read More
nicki adele

Nicki Minaj Claims Her New Collab With Adele Is An "Epic Song"

Everyone has been anticipating new music from Adele! Though we will love any music Adele serves us, we are eager to know who she will be collaborating with. ET 's Keltie Knight caught up with Nicki Minaj at the launch party for the rapper's new fashion line, Fendi Prints On. After Minaj has... Read More
Natasha Bedingfield

Karson & Kennedy: Natasha Bedingfield Stops By The Studio!

Natasha Bedingfield stopped by the studio yesterday and we had a blast! She sat down for an interview with us and she talked about the new album Roll With Me, touring with a toddler in tow, and the legacy of "Unwritten". RELATED: Natasha Bedingfield on the Meaning Behind 'Kick It' After the... Read More