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Karson & Kennedy: We've Kicked Off 12K For Tom!

Today we kicked off 12K For Tom and we need your help! We don't want him to leave so we are asking all of you to send in 12,000 letters that we will deliver to Gillette Stadium to show how much we love him. It's a lot of letters, so teachers, ask your students! Ask your church group! How about your... Read More
karson puts foot down

Karson & Kennedy; Karson Tried To Break Up With Lana One Time

Once upon a time, long ago, Karson tried to break up with Lana. He was leaving Dothan, AL (where Lana was living) and moving to Tallahassee, FL to start a new job and figured they should part ways. He took her to the fanciest place he could afford - The Outback - to do the deed. Well, Lana called... Read More
tinder tales

Why Won't Kennedy's Friends Set Her Up?

Kennedy is not the luckiest when it comes to the relationship department. But you already knew that. RELATED: Karson & Kennedy: Kennedy's Tinder Tales In this episode of Kennedy's Tinder Tales she asks "why have none of my friends ever set me up"? And the responses from the text line were rough. Read More
war of the roses

War of the Roses

Nate is about to have a very bad day. He started the day with the two ladies and ended it with none. War Of The Roses : When Your Man Turns Out To Be Hers Read More
kennedy dream doctor

Karson & Kennedy: Karson & Annie's Dreams Need Interpretation!

Last night Karson and Annie had awful dreams. Annie woke up in a cold sweat after her dream had her naked at the marathon and Karson had a full on fight with our boss, Sal. Don't know if you know this, but Kennedy can interpret dreams? Well, she can. Dream Analysis with Doctor, Dr. Kennedy Read More
kennedy sports take

Karson & Kennedy: Kennedy's Sports Take!

As you know, Kennedy is the number one sports reporter in Boston and she is here today to let Tom Brady know why he shouldn't leave the Patriots for some other garbage team. She also has a special song for Tom, sure to keep him here. Or drive him far away. An All New K&K Sports Report Read More