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Gregg & Freddy: Why Did Halsey's Album Make Heather Cry!?

You remember our friend Heather from the Promotions Department who followed the Jonas Brothers around the world!? Well her other favorite artist is Halsey, who just dropped her new album "Manic". It is normal to feel emotionally connected to an album, but for Heather it causes lots of tears and... Read More
dj dan weekly rap up

Karson & Kennedy: DJ Dan's Weekly Rap Up

Every week Producer Dan brings the dope rhymes and phat beats to the people. This week he covers riding dirty, Kennedy going away with Casino Guy and an update from Lana! DJ Dan's Weekly Rap Up... Read More
war of the roses

War of the Roses

In the past nine years of doing War of the Roses, we have seen roses sent to exes, mothers, grandmothers, teachers, bartenders, and sisters. But we have never. NEVER had them sent to someone like this. War Of The Roses : A Cheater Of A Different Kind Read More
lana cancer

Karson & Kennedy: Lana Checks In!

Lana was scheduled to come on the show today to let us know how her treatments are going, however, Karson neglected to tell her. But she's a boss and carried on to give us an update. RELATED: Karson & Kennedy : Karson Messes Up Lana's Small Business She is one strong lady. We love you! Read More