Gigi Hadid Zayn Malik

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Are Zayn and Gigi Headed for Splittsville Again?

Zigis are not going to be happy.

January 3, 2019

Supermodel Gigi Hadid and "PILLOWTALK" singer Zayn Malik have been one of Hollywood’s favorite power couples since 2015.  Despite a couple makeups and breakups, fans love when the two gush over each other on social media. They are both too beautiful for words, but it seems almost too good to be true. 

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Well.. I guess it is. Seems like the couple are ringing in 2019 with some time apart. According to Cosmo,  “They are at different point in their lives right now and decided they needed time apart from each other.” The"Zigi's," AKA hardcore fans of this relationship have been suspecting this breakup for a while, and the fact that Zayn does not follow Gigi on Instagram anymore seemed to solidfy the reality that the two are broken up, yet again. 

Here's to hoping for a reunion in 2019. We NEED the cute Instagrams.